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As a home buyer, there are few, if any, reasons not to ask a real estate agent to represent you during the home searching period and while under contract. Placing an investment in the purchase of a home is an important decision and while needs vary from buyer to buyer, the transaction process is well-defined. Completing the process doesn’t have to be difficult or stressful. 

What’s important is that you can like and trust your agent.  Meet Mark and decide the potential for a good relationship. During the initial meeting, you can talk about your needs; ways Mark can advise and support your home purchase, and listen for opportunity.

Mark has assisted local and out-of-state buyers purchase homes in northern California. His unmatched ability to provide virtual tours complements the willingness to provide services that give you what you want. 

Overall, Mark provides thorough service and communication throughout all stages of the home buying process. Here are some basic areas of work you can expect to receive from Divittorio Real Estate:

Stage One | Seeking a Home

  •  A meet & greet to hear about what your needs, get to know you and what you want
  •  Provide summarized and detailed real estate data to inform the selection process
  •  Schedule and attend home tours with you
  •  Advice based on current market conditions and home inventory

Stage Two | The Offer

  •  Structure an offer that will be accepted and position you as the first buyer, keeping you from getting “bumped” by another offer
  •  Write an offer that promotes negotiation 
  •  Work to get the offer accepted or negotiate a fair price
  •  Ensure thorough and complete investigations of the property and buildings
  •  Assistance entering the contract period and advice on proceeding with the deal

Stage Three | The Contract Period

  •  Coordinate inspections and review with you the purpose and meaning of inspection reports
  •  Keep you in the contract and help protect your deposit
  •  Maintain a strong position for negotiation
  •  Coordinate with the lender 
  •  Manage the technical process

Mark works with qualified home buyers. If you’re unsure if you are loan ready or still need to become pre-qualified, contact Mark for more information about next steps.

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