CA# 01486649 DRE

NV# 1002240 DRE


Mark’s appreciation of home design and property features will help buyers recognize your home’s most valuable assets. His entrepreneurial spirit is demonstrated through innovation, leadership and adaptability. He stays ahead of the curve to create opportunity, improved service and profitable deals.

A motivated and passionate promoter of Placerville, El Dorado County and surrounding regions, Mark can help you achieve a top dollar transaction by implementing a marketing plan customized to reach the demographic of potential buyers interested in your real estate. Mark gets invested in the sale of your home - he utilizes advanced cinematography, established social networks, multiple marketing channels and connects with people on a personal level to deliver attractive results.

For Mark, being the selling agent isn’t about creating a listing and then sitting on it; it’s about telling a story through cinematography, developing a plan and executing on it to create demand for your home. When connecting with potential buyers, Mark takes a strong interest to understand the level of commitment potential buyers show and the willingness to complete a deal.

Read more about Mark’s education and qualifications here or contact Mark to ask questions about what to expect when you list property for sale.