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Selling Your Home

Mark’s appreciation of home design and property features will help buyers recognize your home’s most valuable assets. His entrepreneurial spirit is demonstrated through innovation, leadership and adaptability. He stays ahead of the curve to create opportunity, improved service and profitable deals.

A motivated and passionate promoter of El Dorado County and surrounding regions, Mark can help you achieve a top dollar transaction by implementing a marketing plan customized to reach the demographic of potential buyers interested in your real estate. Mark gets invested in the sale of your home - he utilizes advanced cinematography, established social networks, multiple marketing channels and connects with people on a personal level to deliver attractive results.

For Mark, being the selling agent isn’t about creating a listing and then sitting on it; it’s about telling a story through cinematography, developing a plan and executing on it to create demand for your home. When connecting with potential buyers, Mark takes a strong interest to understand the level of commitment potential buyers show and the willingness to complete a deal.

Read more about Mark’s education and qualifications here or contact Mark to ask questions about what to expect when you list property for sale.


seller's agent Reviews

"I have retained Mark to buy and sell 3 different properties. Mark is always professional, pays attention to details and always looks out for his clients best interests."                                                   

Deni R.

"Mark helped my wife and I get ready to put our house on the market. He was a tremendous help with everything. Mark put in the extra time and effort to make sure our home looked good so we could ask for a higher selling price. He even helped me take care of some dry rot and some minor cosmetic issues before we put it on the market. He has past experience as a contractor so he can point out a lot of things other real estate agents overlook because they don't have that experience. This knowledge that Mark has made me very confident when looking at buying a home because he could point out some things the home inspectors would not point out. Mark is a very high energy agent and goes out of his way to help." 

                                      Eric J.

"WOW!!! Is to say the least about my experience with Mark while buying my home!! I needed a HUD approved realtor to put the offer in on my home and I needed it now! Now happened to be on a Sunday at approx. 7 pm. I visited a website that listed HUD approved realtors in my area and there were about 15 so I started calling. Expecting to leave messages on a Sunday night, Mark Divittorio enthusiastically answers his phone during his evening meal!! OH MY GOODNESS, WHO IS THIS GUY??!! Mark submitted my offer that night!! I got a call the following morning from Mark that HUD had accepted my offer!!! Now HUD not being the easiest deal out there Mark worked above and beyond to protect and educate me during this process. Here I am 3 months after closing IN MY OWN HOME!!! Needless to say WOW is the only word I can manage for the time, effort, and pure energy Mark put into my home purchase!"

Jacqueline F.

"Mark Divittorio made our first home buying experience awesome! His knowledge of the inventory and his expertise in negotiation assisted us in getting the home of our dreams." 

Deborah P.

"We told Mark what we wanted and the price we could afford. The second house we saw...voila! We put an offer in and got it!"

Joni B.

"I have retained Mark to buy and sell 3 different properties. Mark is always professional pays attention to details and always looks out for his clients best interests. I recommend Mark with the highest respect and dedication to his clients and will continue to retain his services for all my future
real estate needs."

                                     Deni R.  

"Highly Recommended! Mark was our agent when we purchased our new home and also for short-selling our old home. The new home purchase went smooth and fast, but it was the selling of our old home where we really got to work with Mark extensively. After a year, the bank finally accepted our third offer, and the short sale was finally complete. This process involved dealing with changing banks, multiple loans (1st and 2nd), unyielding major banks, inexperienced RE agents, etc. and Mr. Divittorio was able to provide the right support and guidance to get us through this long and frustrating experience. Mark was able to keep us on track with all of the critical deadlines and important paperwork - extremely responsive to us and the process. We will absolutely use Mark for all of our future real estate needs."


"Mark was instrumental in helping us research our options as we prepared to relocate to California from Maryland. Once we arrived in California, he worked diligently to help us find the home we were going to spend our retirement. Thank you Mark."

Nelson Y.

"Mr. Divittorio helped us purchase a new home and sell our old home in 2013. We moved from Sacramento to Cameron Park, and Mark's experience and knowledge in both of these regions was invaluable. Obviously, his area of expertise is the Highway 50 foothill corridor, but our experience showed thatMr. Divittorio was well versed in working in both Sacramento and El Dorado Counties.

I was very impressed with his responsiveness. These are business transactions that must be handled in a professional matter - that is what I expect, and that is what was delivered. Quick replies, gentle reminders and constant correspondence throughout the process really put us at ease in dealing with this stressful situation. We were always kept up to date through the process, and Mark helped us in pointing out the importance of critical steps, making sure we met our commitments and had the background information necessary to keep us on top of things.

Due to current market conditions, we ended up selling our home as a short-sale. This was new territory for us, and I feel that Mr. Divittorio guided us through the process extremely well. Providing advice and guidance, reminding us of critical deadlines and assisting with the huge amounts of required paperwork. Timing and deadlines are a huge factor in this type of action, and I felt we always knew where we stood in the process as a result of Mark's efforts. In this market, we were able to meet our new home needs and get out from our existing home in a favorable way, directly attributable to Mark's representation. We will continue to use Mr. Divittorio for our future real estate needs, and will continue to recommend him to friends and family who are looking for a real estate professional." 


"We told mark what we wanted , the price we could afford. The second house we saw voila! We put an offer in and got it !!!! Way to go mark , we are very happy , in this market we got what we wanted , mark did a great job ."

                                        Joni B.

"I have known Mark Divittorio for about five years now and have done three separate transactions using him. If I buy or sell anything in the future I hope mark will continue to be my agent. I have referred friends to him and they have also been very satisfied. Mark takes the time to understand yourneeds and works with you in a professional manner. He has built houses as a contractor and is very knowledgeable about construction. He recognizes potential problems with buildings and has been very valuable in helping me to make good choices when it comes to value. I have looked at many houses with Mark and I have never felt pressure to make a decision or to offer more that I was comfortable with. If you want a professional Agent, you won't go wrong with Divittorio Real Estate."


"My experience using Mark Divittorio as my Real Estate agent has been wonderful. Mark is very in tune with my real estate needs and is patient and understanding. He never makes your feel pressured, just wants you to be relaxed and comfortable in looking for that special property you want. And,  unlike most agents, he gives you his undivided time and energy and is responsive to looking until you are very happy with your real estate transaction."


"Mark is an excellent realtor to work with. I had a special situation as I was living in the bay area when I was looking for my home in El Dorado county. Mark made it so that we could see several homes each time I came up, and I mean some times 6 to 7 houses in one trip. The fact that he worked sodiligently with me to help me find a home was very impressive. I had another realtor originally as well who was from the Sacramento area and after meeting with her twice, knew I needed to switch to some one who was familiar with the area. Mark is a local and knows all of the different neighborhoods. I was interested in homes from Camino down to Cameron Park and he was great at finding homes that matched my family's needs. He is very easy to work with and when I finally found a home to make an offer on, he was grew at working with their relator daily to make sure our offer stood out. I would highly recommend Mark and will definitely use him in all of my future real estate needs."


"I have purchased one house with Mark, looked at a tons of properties, and even backed out of a couple deals where my offer had been accepted. Mark's energy and expertise is infectious. He see's the big picture and does not pressure you or get discouraged if you pull out of a deal--he wants the best property for you and hopes to assist you in not just one transaction, but all your future real estate transactions. Mark is a go-getter and a great guy to have on your side in the tricky real estate world. He will fight for you, and does not let you get pushed around by other agents or agencies. He is professional, diplomatic and knows when to push back. He is a certified broker and loan officer and knows when to cut through the 'bull'. Mark grew up in the foothills area east of Sacramento and has intricate knowledge of the area. I highly recommend him--give him a call and you will see what I mean."