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Passion driving excellence is the foundation of Divittorio Real Estate. Previously a licensed contractor building homes from start to finish for more than 18 years, a licensed mortgage broker for two years and a licensed real estate agent since 2005. Mark is qualified to represent homebuyers and sellers. His experience in home design, property development, residential construction and home loans creates a well-established and comprehensive understanding of best business practices, government codes and the policies integral to the production of real estate. When you work with Mark you'll get an uncommon and valuable perspective, a rare one to find. He likes his work and you might, too.

The significant number of foreclosures and short sales over the last five years created an institutionalized and impersonal approach in the real estate industry. Most buyers and sellers didn't get the attention they deserved. Divittorio Real Estate developed a service that cares about people. Mark's commitment to personal relationships is reliable and reassuring throughout the home buying and selling process.

Good Judgment & Character  

He's an adventure seeker, often times found kayaking the forks of the American River. In 2013, Mark found himself to be the first responder to a rescue when a family of 5 veered off a main road and into a river; all survived the crash. It's clear that Mark can navigate stressful conditions, apply logical problem-solving steps and move toward the best outcome.

Premium benefits

Mark integrates drone videography into the buying and selling experience. He can capture every angle of a home, from the interior using a steadicam to exterior shots that tour the property and move high up in the sky. The results are captivating, informative and compelling.The aerial video is especially helpful for remote buyers that are limited on time.  Mark's footage is uniquely informative.  It helps buyers decide if they should take their time to drive to the property. Once in contract, video of inspections is uploaded so that no matter how far away, buyers can see the home inspection process.  View Mark's video library on Youtube

Whether you're selling property, buying a home or seeking real estate to build on, contact Mark Divittorio, a Northern California Realtor.





"Bought a Single Family home in 2014 in Parkway, Sacramento, CA. I have purchased one house with Mark, looked at a tons of properties, and even backed out of a couple deals where my offer had be en accepted. Mark’s energy and expertise is infectious. He see’s the big picture and does not pressure you or get discouraged if you pull out of a deal–he wants the best property for you and hopes to assist you in not just one transaction, but all your future real estate transactions. Mark is a go-getter and a great guy to have on your side in the tricky real estate world. He will fight for you, and does not let you get pushed around by other agents or agencies. He is professional, diplomatic and knows when to push back. He is a certified broker and loan officer and knows when to cut through the bull-S___. Mark grew up in the foothills area east of Sacramento and has intricate knowledge of the area. I highly recommend him–give him a call and you will see what I mean. " 

Kevin B.

"I have known Mark Divittorio for about five years now and have done three separate transactions using him. If I buy or sell anything in the future I hope mark will continue to be my agent. I ha ve referred friends to him and they have also been very satisfied. Mark takes the time to understand your needs and works with you in a professional manner. He has built houses as a contractor and is very knowledgeable about construction. He recognizes potential problems with buildings and has been very valuable in helping me to make good choices when it comes to value. I have looked at many houses with Mark and I have never felt pressure to make a decision or to offer more that I was comfortable with. If you want a professional Agent, you won’t go wrong with Divittorio Real Estate." 

Anne E.

"Mark Divittorio made our first home buying experience awesome! His knowledge of the inventory and his expertise in negotiation assisted us in getting the home of our dreams."                                                                   

Deborah P.

"I have retained Mark to buy and sell 3 different properties. Mark is always professional, pays attention to details and always looks out for his clients best interests."                                                  -                                                          

Deni R.

"We told Mark what we wanted and the price we could afford. The second house we saw...voila! We put an offer in and got it!"                                                                                                                         Joni B.

"Mark was instrumental in helping us research our options as we prepared to relocate to California from Maryland. Once we arrived in California, he worked diligently to help us find the home we were going to spend our retirement. Thank you Mark."

Nelson Y.